Frequently Asked Questions2019-10-14T15:15:00-04:00
When’s the best time for an outdoor family shoot?2019-09-28T12:25:25-04:00
If you want the absolute richest, warmest, most beautiful light, the hours directly following sunrise and leading up to sunset – known as the golden hours – are prime time for natural light.
Do you charge a fee for travel?2019-09-28T12:25:01-04:00
I typically stay in the Rochester, NY area. Anywhere outside Rochester, NY I will charge a minimal fee.
What happens if I need to reschedule?2019-09-28T12:24:08-04:00
We will reschedule if the weather is bad, or if you have a family illness.
Where should I order my prints from?2019-09-28T12:23:29-04:00
I recommend using for high quality prints. Typically, printing your digital files from drugstores will distort the quality and coloring of your photos.
How far in advance should I schedule?2019-09-28T12:21:48-04:00

For newborn shoots please contact me at least 1 month before your baby is born. You’ll contact me again the day your baby is born, so that we can book your newborn shoot 5-10 days later. For children and family shoots, please schedule at least 1 month in advance. You can book a session with me by clicking here.

How do I prepare my newborn for the session?2019-09-28T12:20:00-04:00
The goal for your session is to keep your baby asleep the entire time, so that I can get those cute curled up squishy poses! If you can keep your baby awake for 2 hours before your scheduled shoot time, and fully feed your baby right before getting into your car to see me, we should be all set! Bringing a pacifier is a bonus so that I can sooth your baby just in case he/she needs some comfort during the shoot.
When will my digital files be ready?2019-09-28T12:19:31-04:00

I know how excited you will be to see your photos. That is why the digital files will be sent to you within 1 week.

How can I contact Annemarie?2019-10-04T15:44:14-04:00

You can visit my Contact page by clicking here, or send me an email at [email protected].

How do I cancel my booking?2019-09-26T09:30:22-04:00

When you received your confirmation email, it included a link to cancel. Please refer to your email to cancel your booking.

I don’t have PayPal. How do I pay for a session?2019-09-26T09:27:16-04:00

It is not required to have a PayPal account. When you go through the checkout process, simply click on the button labeled “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” to checkout as a guest.


How do I book a session with Annemarie?2019-09-26T09:18:25-04:00

You can book a session with Annemarie by clicking here.

What should we wear to our photo shoot?2019-09-28T12:20:48-04:00

Please refer to my What To Wear Style Guide. Click here to take a look.

When can I book my photo shoot with Annemarie?2019-09-26T09:08:01-04:00

You can book your photo shoot with Annemarie no sooner than 1 week in advance.

What happens if I cancel my booking?2019-09-26T09:06:40-04:00

It is required that you cancel your booking with at least 24 hours notice. When your cancellation is confirmed, I will refund your payment, however the PayPal fees will be deducted from your refund.